As the raw material of the organic silicon industry, the price of silicon metal has a great impact on the main products. Silicon metal continues to decline, but it is still at a high position. For downstream customers, the DMC price corresponding to the current price is still at a high level, and single enterprises suffer serious losses.
From the current domestic single enterprises, 95% of enterprises operating rate is less than 50%. The reasons for this situation, on the one hand, the price of raw materials is relatively high; On the other hand, the decline of manufacturing and lower demand from downstream customers; At the same time, due to the ongoing outbreak of the epidemic in China, logistics has been hindered, and it is difficult to release domestic production capacity in Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia.
With the gradual liberalization of domestic epidemic control, there will be a wave of recovery in various industries. This recovery will not last long as the winter brings a series of projects to a halt.
In view of this situation, the state has gradually introduced a number of stimulus policies, constantly expand demand, improve the supply-side reform, so that various industries have been growing.

Post time: Dec-08-2022