微信图片_20220702121450The company’s foreign trade business highlights the results
The domestic epidemic situation has been gradually brought under control, and the company’s foreign trade business has been carried out smoothly.
After the beginning of this year, the epidemic situation at home and abroad is severe, which has caused a great impact on various industries. Under the active guidance of the government, it is gradually on the right track. At present, foreign customers have positive purchasing demand, and the export situation is very good. Customers from Russia, Poland, the United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, Kazakhstan and other places have carried out further cooperation with us. The products not only include our main products, but also include many downstream products, which further optimizes our product structure.
At the same time, we are also actively cooperating with high-end areas. The company actively responds to government requirements for industrial planning and sustainable development, and starts the work of entering and living in intensive chemical parks.
With the proposal of national carbon emission and carbon peaking, the company actively responds to industrial policies and continues to grow bigger and stronger in the silicone industry.

Post time: Jun-10-2022