Looking back in June, under various news, the silicone market began to enter the upward channel. Shandong Shengxi New Materials believes that the main reason for the continuous increase in the prices of silicone products methyl silicic acid, methyl silicone resin, waterproofing agent, and silane is that the current inventory of domestic enterprises is low, while the operating rate of overseas enterprises is still low, and foreign brands The continued tight supply of goods has exacerbated the tight supply and demand of domestic silicones. In addition, due to the explosion of the Hesheng device in Xinjiang and the shutdown of the cracking material device in a safe manner in Hubei, the tight supply of organic silicon has been further aggravated. As a result, the short-term supply of silicone is tight, and the mentality of manufacturers is affected to a certain extent, resulting in a tightening of the market. At present, the raw rubber list of silicone monomer factories in some regions has been scheduled to August.
In the recent past, whether it is the rise in the price of organic silicon or the pursuit of funds in the secondary market, what is behind it is that the logic of supply and demand in the organic silicon industry is quietly changing.
In the next period of time, silicone products, methyl silicic acid, methyl silicone resin, water repellent, and silane will be in tension. At the same time, several major manufacturers have also closed the market without reporting, further pushing up the silicone market. This has caused the current situation where the high price of organic silicon cannot be maintained.

Post time: Jul-15-2021