1. Spraying or brushing
Brush painting can be used in the occasions where the surface of concrete, cement mortar and concrete precast structures is rough, where the spraying is better and the surface of stone, marble and granite is smooth.
Before use, the foundation surface shall be carefully cleaned, floating dust and moss spots shall be cleaned, cracks and holes shall be sealed and repaired in advance, and embedded and filled tightly.
When used, organosilicon waterproofing agent will be used continuously and continuously on dry base surface (wall surface) for three times with clean agricultural sprayer or brush. There should be no intermittent in the middle. Each kilogram can spray 5m on the wall. The construction shall not be attacked by rain 24 hours after construction. The construction shall be stopped when the temperature is below 4 ℃, and the foundation surface must be dry during construction. It has hydrophobic effect within 24 hours under normal temperature, and the effect is better after one week, and the curing time is longer in winter.
2. Add cement mortar
Clean the base surface, clean the oil stain and floating ash, remove the falling off layer, and seal the cracks with flexible materials.

Supplementary description of silicone waterproof agent
Silicone waterproof agent is a high-efficiency waterproof agent synthesized by monomethyl alkane. It has a good affinity for many building materials, especially silicate building materials. It can self polymerize with carbon dioxide in the air to form a layer of silicone waterproof membrane, which has good water permeability. It is a high-quality and low-cost high-efficiency waterproof material for building materials. It has been widely used in construction, housing repair, building materials, external decoration and other industries in China.
Performance and characteristics silicone waterproof agent is colorless or light yellow liquid, non-toxic, non-volatile, non-toxic (methanol, benzene, thinner), alkaline, easy to interact with carbon dioxide and form polymer network silicone film. It has the characteristics of good waterproof performance, long service life, acid and alkali resistance, anti pollution, anti weathering, no corrosion to reinforcement, expansion, and can compensate the shrinkage of mortar and concrete. It is highly praised by the majority of users because of its low price and convenient construction.

Post time: Aug-25-2021