微信图片_20221208163601Silicone rubber as a medical material after decades of clinical application, has been recognized by the medical community, more and more widely used. Many large companies take medical silicone rubber as the main goal of development. Medical silicone air bags, medical silicone tubes, silicone rubber ties, silicone pads and other medical silicone products have entered the market. Medical grade silicone has been put into use, and medical silicone rubber has made great progress.
Medical silicone rubber can replace bone or cartilage as tissue filling or scaffold material, so it can be made into artificial joints and tendons to repair the defects of limbs joints and tendons. Silicone rubber plastic material is often used to repair the deformity of the face, ears, nose and so on. The downstream industry of medical silica gel can also be used to make catheters, extracranial products, ent products, cardiac surgery products, digestive system products, abdominal surgery and reproductive system products.
In short, medical silicone rubber has been widely and important in the fields of life science, medical instruments, medicine and other fields, but there is still a huge potential to tap, with the development of life science and biological materials research, it will make a greater contribution to the human society.

Post time: Nov-13-2022