Agricultural wetting agent is a special agricultural organosilicone surfactant mainly modified by polyether.
CAS NO. : 27306-78-1
This product has low surface tension, good extensibility, permeability and emulsification. Soluble in methanol, isopropyl alcohol, acetone, xylene and methylene chloride, can be dispersed in water.
Physical and chemical data and indicators
Appearance: Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid
Specific gravity 25℃ : 1.020
Viscosity 25℃ (cst) : 20~40
Refraction 25℃ : 1.4430
Turbidity point (0.1% aqueous solution) : 40℃
Water soluble: transparent to translucent
Surface tension 25℃(mN/m) : 21.5
Active ingredient (%) : 99.9
Product Application:
Agricultural organosilicon surfactant can be used as a spray conditioner, foliar absorption agent, activator, etc., widely used in herbicides, foliar nutrients, growth regulators, insecticides, fungicides, it does not decompose the original drug, can greatly reduce the surface tension of the solution, reduce the contact Angle between droplets and foliar. Enhance the wetting, adhesion and spreading ability of the liquid on the surface of plants or pests, so as to improve the drug effect.
Silicon surfactant has lower plant toxicity and environmental harm than ordinary aliphatic amine, ethoxyl alcohol and other surfactants, greatly reducing the adverse effects on human and the environment.
How to use:
Directly added into the formulation of pesticide preparation or used as a barrel mixing assistant.
When used as a mix, the dosage is between 0.02 ~ 0.04% (that is, 3 ~ 6 grams penetrant is added to a 15kg sprayer). In the formulation of pesticide preparations, the dosage is between 0.5 and 5%.

Post time: Oct-22-2022