3-Poly(methyltriethoxysilane)-Silicone waterproofing agent

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Chemical Chinese name: Polymethyltriethoxysilane

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Product Detail

1. Chemical Chinese name: Polymethyltriethoxysilane

2. Chemical English name: Poly-methyltriethoxysilane

3.technical indicators:

Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Kinematic viscosity (25℃), mm2/s  1~5    1.82

Density (25℃), g/cm3       0.920~1.020    0.967

Acid value (mg/g)<             0.5        0.001

4. Physical and chemical properties: Polymethyltriethoxysilane is an oligomer of methyltriethoxysilane with an average degree of polymerization of 2~3. It has a special fragrance and is a combustible liquid. When acid or alkali is present , It is easy to hydrolyze and condense when exposed to water. The product of hydrolysis and condensation is a high molecular compound, and finally cross-linked to form a film. Polymethyltriethoxysilane has hydrophobicity and high heat resistance.

5. Main purpose: used as waterproofing agent, isolating anti-sticking agent, release agent, defoaming agent, waterproof and anticorrosive coating, methyl block room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber.

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